From a chicken, a tender lamb, a succulent pig or a huge juicy sheep. People will eat their fingers to the bone.

Spitbraais South Africa

Pictures of spitbraais - not a thousand words

Spitbraai a 18kg lamb

Only a 18kg lamb: After 2 and half hours with a low-pressure LPgas regulator.
With NO smoke all over the place, you can even do your spitbraai's inside a well ventulated room, so rain or sunshine - you'll always be the hero.

These commercial spitbraais come with a 50kg motor, so any combo of different meats are also possible at the same time.



Household spitbraai

Household spitbraais

With a simple design, this spitbraai is for anything up to 6kg.
A de-boned leg of lamb, or a turkey. 3 Chickens, with the rich golden look, will fall off the bones within 2 hours. So there is enough time to enjoy the togetherness of sitting around 'the fire'.

Your choice of a spitbraai - business, pleasure or both?

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Household Spitbraais

  • Investment Amount: R1,999
  • For this you get:
  • a Battery operated Rotisserie motor
  • (Motors can handle up to 6Kg)
  • Some motors have jackplugs for DC3V transformers, be specific if this must be included

  • Household spit braais
  • S/steel(430) 1.2mm is used for the body of the spitbraai
  • Welded unit, with hinged lid
  • 1 x 3division gas burner - 'infa-red' ceramic
  • Skewer(spear) with forks
  • LP gas burner - economical at 190 grams per hour
  • Heat can be regulated
  • (Needle control valve for fine heat adjustments)

  • Household spit braais - front

  • Max dimensions: 600mm by 370mmx370mm.
  • If you would like the body size changed for a specific purpose(bit wider or higher), no problem - These spitbraais can be used as part of a business also!
  • Actual Weight = +-15kg.
  • This spitbraai price excludes transport

  • Household spit braais - front

  • Extra's not included:
    - Drip tray R 120
    (Drainage hole on request if drip tray is added)
  • Regulator with 1m hose and clamps:
    - Normal 1kg/hour LPgas regulator


Commercial spitbraais - with pvc protection - for transport
White PVC protection for transport.

Commercial spitbraais - lid removed for serving the spit
Lid removed for serving

Commercial spit braai with viewing window - with pvc protection to protect against scratches during transport
Spit braai with viewing window.

Commercial Spitbraais

  • Investment Amount: R9,300
  • With a 220V electric motor
  • (85kg electrical motor - Upgrade OPTIONAL R900)
  • Please use the adjustable counter weight to support the motor

  • Commercial spit braais lid inverted for shipping

  • Stainless steel body frame, No rust.
  • 0.9mm S/steel(430) for spitbraai's body
  • 3 ceramic 3division gas burners
  • Burners separately controlled
  • Gas - High pressure tested burner pipe
  • Ball bearings, for skewer and easy to lift
  • Removable top lid - For serving and compact for transport
  • Legs are removable as standard, for transport - handles for lifting
  • (Fixed legs will not be a problem, just ask)
  • Included are 6 spikes - 2 big, 3 small and 1 Back skewer
  • (Replace the loose spikes/clamps with solid extensions - This is if you want to use tie-downs or wire)

  • Commercial spit braais - fixed legs

  • Spitbraai dimensions: 1,450m by 660mmx600mm. Unit height can be changed as to your specifications - standard catering height is 900mm(This will be the centre skewer - where the spit is rotating)
  • If you would like the body a bit wider or higher, no problem
  • Bottom half tig welded to seal where the spitbraai sauces and fat tend to run out - important if you spit braai in a garage/driveway where you can normally eat from the ground.
  • The viewing hole on request only(too much heat coming out, so people don't really use it)
  • Actual Weight = 80kg. Weight per volume(removable legs) +- 120kg
  • Motor housing included, removable for transport
  • Drainage hole on request for drip tray
  • This spitbraai price excludes transport

  • Commercial spitbraais - 3 seperate controls

  • Extra's excluded:

  • Regulator with 1m hose and clamps:
    - Normal 1kg/hour regulator or
    - High Pressure regulator

    Spine clamp(spine to skewer) R50
    Viewing window R450
    100mm Wheels(set of 4) R250
    Stainless steel Drip Stray R300